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After years of research, it successfully solved the key technical problems of switching power supply, and realized efficient conversion with simple circuit. The current LED driving power supply has very good efficiency, power factor, withstand voltage, current accuracy, stability and life. Strong advantage, ahead of domestic counterparts. In terms of design, the partial pressure method is adopted to effectively reduce the load of each component, and the efficiency is high, which greatly reduces the working temperature rise, thereby improving the life of key components. In terms of materials, the company adopts high-life electrolytic capacitors with independent intellectual property rights, lightning surge protection against high voltage, temperature protection, voltage protection, etc., and is a high-performance LED driving power source with the requirements of aerospace technology.


Introduction to high-life LED power supply


In many power applications, except for purely resistive electrical equipment and some electric motors, almost all electrical equipment is converted into low-voltage direct current.


In the current technology, in many occasions (such as LED lights), a high-frequency switching power supply is used to convert 220V AC into a low-voltage DC power, which is composed of an input filter, a rectifier and a filter, and a switching tube output rectifier and a filter. The working principle is to convert the mains into direct current, convert the direct current into a high-frequency pulsating current through the switching tube, and then convert it into a usable low-voltage direct current through voltage transformation and rectification and filtering. Switching power supplies have many advantages, such as high efficiency, high power factor, and small size. However, existing switching power supplies have problems with system reliability.


The switching power supply obtains low-voltage direct current by converting the current between AC and DC. The structure is more complicated and there are many electronic components. As long as one component has a problem, the whole machine is in a fault state, especially the core part. The switch tube has high requirements for its heat dissipation, thus causing the high-frequency switching power supply to be prone to failure in a harsh working environment and a high temperature. At present, most high-power LED street lamps are used in high-frequency switching power supplies, and most of their failures are caused by power supplies.


In order to solve the defect that the power supply of the electric equipment in the prior art is easy to fail, we provide a high-life power conversion device.


First of all, we use a toroidal transformer to transform, the current toroidal transformer efficiency can reach 95%, and the volume is small, the life is longer, and then the bridge rectifier circuit is used for rectification, the power dissipation is small, and the company's invention patent is high. The life electrolytic capacitor is also equipped with a ceramic current limiter in the circuit to protect the entire circuit. The entire power supply unit is simple, robust, and has a long life, especially for power supply in harsh environments.


Of course, the efficiency and power factor of the power supply are lower than that of the switching power supply. If the requirements of these two parameters are high, a general switching power supply or a switching power supply with a high-life electrolytic capacitor can be selected (the two power supplies are our company). All have).